Land Days

Visit the Dauban Mausoleum an eccentric example of architecture in the Seychelles with six massive neoclassical columns resembling La Madeleine Church. Just behind La Belle Tortue, in the flourishing palm plantation of the Dauban family land, the monument highlights both the French family and the past prosperity of the island.

Take a stroll along the 2 km La Passe sandy beach. Only 7% of Silhouette is inhabited – you can truly escape the crowds! At low tide, reach the beautiful Baie des Cipailles where the jungle reaches the ocean and admire the beauty of the Seychelles’ famous granite giant rocks.

Walk to Anse Ramasse-Tout, 10 minutes from La Belle Tortue but miles away from the world. Discover the small Anse overlooking Anse Patate & Mahé island: stand on the rocks and admire the powerful waves and overwhelming nature, observe local fishermen, and feel the spiritual atmosphere of the marine cemetery where Silhouette families have rested since ages past.

Hike to Jardin Marron to see the famous Seychelles Coco-de-Mer and find Silhouette’s unique fauna. The garden of palms and giant seeds stands on Mount Pot-a-Eau at a height of 450 meters surrounded by the largest equatorial forest and one of the Indian Ocean biodiversity hotspots. The name is reminiscent of the old trail, created by slaves fleeing the Dauban plantation in the nineteenth century.

Admire Anse Mondon from Belle Vue, across the tropical forest, and meet its fauna before reaching the crystalline waters, sometimes rough and inhospitable but more often calm and perfect for snorkeling. Pass by the old settlement, its plantations and ruins, and refresh yourself with the clear spring water. Once an active settlement, nature has taken over Anse Mondon.

Grand Barbe makes an excellent day trip with its historic ruins and plantations. The journey over Silhouette mountains is worthwhile in itself, but the end destination is especially impressive: a long, deserted, and unspoiled sandy beach where the Giant Tortoises nestle.