An expanse of white, La Belle Tortue beach is sheltered in a cove, a natural pool surrounded by the old wharf & and Pointe Varreur.  
You can further discover Anse Lascars, Anse Patate, Anse Ramasse-Tout, La Passe, and Baie des Cipailles. You can live at the pace of tides and nature here on Silhouette beach.
Snorkeling, swimming, bathing in natural pools, sunbathing, strolling, observing birds – every moment of the day is an invitation to discover a new setting and immerse yourself in a new universe.

Garden Beach

When the rising tides chase you away from the beach, take shelter on the upper beach by the garden ocean front and continue sunbathing after your swim.


La Belle Tortue villas are spread out in a tropical garden and surrounded by luxurious vegetation. You will discover a variety of flowers, palm trees, cropped plants such as cinnamon, and typical trees such as Takamaka or Badamier Indian Almond Tree.


Terraces are the main living spaces and a “varangue” (better known as veranda), a typical aspect of the creole lifestyle. During the day and at night, by the main lounge or in front of your room, you can read, talk, contemplate, nap, and enjoy the moment…


Take shade under a palm tree to read, nap or simply relax by the sound of the waves at any time of the day.